About Us


In 2003, a group of parent and teacher volunteers founded Jamieson Education Family and Friends (JEFF).  The idea of creating a nonprofit organization to support Jamieson Elementary School, our neighborhood school, had a simple yet powerful premise: working together, we achieve more!

In 15 years, JEFF has raised over $400,000 to contribute to education and enrichment goals of Jamieson.  These improvements have included the building of a playground and garden, supporting after-school programming, renovation of the school library, purchase of classroom technology, and installation of new auditorium seating and new lockers.

JEFF takes pride in promoting Jamieson Elementary School as a vital neighborhood Chicago public school and the core of our community.  We encourage others to join us.


JEFF’s mission is to provide resources and foster community engagement to enhance the educational and enrichment goals of Jamieson.


JEFF supports Jamieson Elementary School by:

  • Securing resources to enhance teaching and learning,
  • Providing opportunities for increased parent and family involvement, and
  • Fostering community engagement to leverage shared physical and human assets