JEFF Board

The Board of Jamieson Education Family and Friends consists of the following: President,  Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Angela Davis (parent)- President

President presides over the monthly Board meetings, general meetings, and any special meetings.  The President also ensures there is a chairperson for all committees.

E-Mail: Angela 

Jessica Bale (parent)- Past-President

The Past-President mentors the current President.

Tawny Carillo (parent) – Vice President

The Vice President presides over meetings in the absence of the President.  The Vice President acts as an aide to the President and assumes responsibility for duties assigned by the President.  The Vice President becomes the President upon the President’s resignation or inability to serve.

Andrew Askuvich (parent)- Treasurer

The Treasurer keeps accurate records of all financial transactions of the organization and gives a financial report at meetings. Please find information about JEFF’s finances at the Treasurer’s webpage.

Heather Sevener (parent)-  Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for keeping records of the organization’s proceedings.


Members-at-large serve on the board, but they do not hold elected positions.  They vote and provide the elected board members with feedback on organizational issues.  They may also chair internal board committees and/or volunteering committees.

  • Simona Grabowski – Parent
  • Beth McNamara – Parent
  • Carrie Cunningham – Parent
  • Betsy Kupperman – Teacher
  • Amy Madynski- Teacher
  • Linda Murakami – Teacher and Parent
  • Maria Avila- Community Member and Parent