Jokes for Jamieson

We are also looking for DONATIONS for our RAFFLE and SILENT AUCTION.

 Donation Link  

What types of Donations are we looking for?  You decide!  Here are some examples of donations:

  • Do you have a hobby where you make things that you can donate, such as: Jewelry, Paintings, Photography, Woodworking, Lessons
  • Do you have a timeshare or vacation property for which you would like to offer dates to stay?
  • Do you have an occupation where you may be able to donate your services, such as: Pedicure, Hairstyling, Auto repair, Car wash, Massage
  • Do you own a business and able to donate a gift certificate, goods or services?


Jokes for Jamieson is seeking VOLUNTEERS in many areas. Please click the link to help.   Volunteer Link


If you have any questions, please contact the Jokes for Jamieson Committee at